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End to outdated laws will allow Londoners to let homes for extra cash

New measures will end outdated rules from the 1970s preventing London residents from renting out their own homes on a short-term basis to visitors. Continue reading

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A Lasting Power of Attorney – as important as making a will

An anticipated rise in the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia means that older people should think carefully about putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), even if it is never needed. Continue reading

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Study into pension sharing on divorce

A report on pension sharing on divorce since its introduction in England and Wales in 2000 has been carried out by Hilary Woodward and Mark Sefton of Cardiff Law School. The study reviewed court files, practitioners’ own experience, judges’ and experts’ assessment of data from a sample of court files. The conclusion reached was that pension sharing was a good weapon in the court’s armoury but that it was used by only a privileged minority. The more common approach was to offset pensions against non-pension assets. Continue reading

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Fees transparency to ensure a fair deal for landlords and tenants

Letting agents are now required to publish full details of the fees they charge under plans announced on 13 May. The move ensures a fair deal for landlords and tenants, closing off the opportunity for a small minority of rogue agents to impose unreasonable, hidden charges. The common sense approach avoids excessive state regulation which would push up rents for tenants. Continue reading

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In cases of negligence, the law must protect ‘everyday heroes’

Good Samaritans and community heroes are set to have the law on their side in future, according to Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. In a move designed to bring some common sense back to Britain’s health and safety culture action is being taken to support the millions of people who volunteer and carry out good deeds every year. An important part of this is to make sure they are not put off from participating by worries about risk and liability if something goes wrong. Continue reading

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More over-60s embracing marriage

The number of people getting married in their 60s has significantly increased, according to new official statistics. Continue reading

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Employers who fail to pay minimum wage can be named and shamed

On 8 June 2014, 25 employers who failed to pay their employees the minimum wage were named under a new regime introduced in October 2013, which makes it easier to name and shame wrongdoers. Between them the employers owe workers more than £43,000 in arrears and in addition have to pay financial penalties totalling over £21,000. Continue reading

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New exceptions to copyright reflect digital age

Reforms to copyright law came into force on 1 June 2014 bringing estimated benefits of at least £250 million to the UK economy over the next 10 years. Continue reading

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Changes to TUPE pension protection requirements

Changes have been made to the statutory protection in regard to pension rights offered to transferring employees on a TUPE transfer, who were members of an occupational pension scheme prior to the TUPE transfer. Continue reading

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Businesses step up protection against bad debt risks

Demand is growing for trade credit insurance among businesses keen to protect themselves against financial difficulties in trading partners. Companies specialising in insurance broking and risk management, are seeing growing demand for trade credit insurance, which gives protection against non-payment or extended default, as a result of fears that expected interest rate rises could result in more corporate insolvencies. Continue reading

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