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First-time buyers on the rise

The number of first-time buyers in the UK has hit a seven year high.

Figures from Halifax, the country’s largest mortgage lender, show that the number of people getting a foot on the property ladder increased to 326,500 last year – up 22 per cent. Continue reading

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Changes announced by the Office of the Public Guardian

Deputies appointed by the Court of Protection could be subject to stricter supervision, under proposals published last month.

By law, if an individual has not previously nominated a person to look after their affairs and estates in the event they lose capacity, then a deputy will be selected by the CoP to Continue reading

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The changing face of Britain’s homes and families

New analysis today shows that British families are shrinking but households are expanding. Continue reading

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Father loses appeal against terms of contact order

In a case that has caused considerable controversy, a divorced father has been ordered by the court to take his children to Mass at Christmas. Continue reading

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Record number of absent parents paying child maintenance

A crackdown on ­absent parents who fail to pay for their children has been hailed a success. Continue reading

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One accreditation standard for Mediators

A leading association of family lawyers has hailed a new set of standards for Mediators. Continue reading

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Employment Law Update

Just before Christmas the Union which represented the employees who brought the claims in relation to holiday pay Continue reading

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Peer makes the case for legally-binding pre-nuptial agreements

A peer has said that the UK’s divorce laws are “terribly unfair” and in desperate need of reform.

Baroness Deech, who chairs the Bar Standards Board, is at present attempting to push a private members’ bill through the House of Lords, which would make pre and post-nuptial agreements legally binding.

If the legislation took effect it would change the way that property is divided in many divorce cases and could lead to assets acquired before a marriage being disregarded in any financial settlement.

The Baroness has argued that the Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill would make the laws which govern separation “simpler, more certain and democratic”.

The idea of making pre and post-nuptial agreements legally binding also received backing from the Law Commission last year, although the body conceded that the needs of the separating couple and any children would still need to be taken into account.

While there are many supporters of reform, Baroness Deech did split opinion with comments a few days ago about why she thought the existing system needed to be overhauled.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the cross bench peer claimed that current laws sent the message to women that they didn’t need to build their own career so long as they married a wealthy husband.

She was referring to the fact that at present the starting point for splitting assets in UK courts was 50/50.

Responding to the comments, newspaper columnist Janet Street-Porter – who has herself been divorced four times – argued that most women wanted to make the most of life on their own terms.

“Our divorce laws urgently need reforming, but I hardly think most young women leave school and put ‘marrying a Premier League player or an oligarch’ down as their goal in life.”

To find out more about the family services we provide, please contact Patrick Hart or Vandana Chitroda from our family law team today.

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Divorce is starting today

Legal firms were bracing themselves today for ‘Divorce Monday’, when they typically see a surge in queries from spouses planning to break up after the Christmas holidays. Continue reading

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British Jewellers’ Association award winners announced

Winners have been announced for the annual British Jewellers’ Association Awards, a prestigious event which was once again co-sponsored by Royds LLP. Continue reading

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